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MBNA PPI Specialists

We are MBNA PPI Claims Specialists and that is the ultimate reason why we have setup this dedicated website to help customers like you claim back the money that you may be owed for MBNA PPI cards and loan claims.  We have vast experience and knowledge to discover when the lender is being fair with you regarding the claim. Claiming yourself will most likely result in a carefully worded letter outlining the reason why your claim has been rejected which will be sent rather swiftly. The truth of the matter is that they probably have not looked at the claim as long as they should and have swiftly dismissed the claim. In some cases potential high value customers who have been paying PPI are contacted by MBNA and are advised that they were sold PPI in the past and that they will automatically investigate the case.This may sound great but in reality all they want to do is quickly assess this case and close and send you a rejection letter stopping your from talking to us or even escalating the matter with the regulator. So by the time you realise what they have done your potential claim is time barred your compensation is lost forever.  We are familiar with all these unethical practices and look beyond that and ensure that your case is given the time and effort it deserves and thus given the best possible chance of success.

Think carefully have you taken a MBNA credit card or MBNA Loan during the last 20-25 years and strongly believe that you may have been paying PPI on this borrowing then please contact us.

Here at MBNA PPI specialists we promise to investigate and research each claim thoroughly and detailed to establish if you were paying PPI, we never rush and make sure that each and every claim is assessed properly.  If we uncover PPI on any of your borrowing we work with you and compile a detailed complaint file and send all our evidence to MBNA PPI Claims division. Please remember that PPI claims need to be handled correctly and if they are not they will be rejected and thus invalidate your claim. So let us help you do it right the first time and get back the money that you maybe owed.

It we discover that you were mis sold PPI we will ensure that ALL your premiums are refunded and promise that we will get back 8% compensation on all the premiums paid until the settlement date.

This may not seem a lot but you will be surprised the total settlement can be quite substantial especially for Credit Card PPI and Loan PPI claims.

Our average MBNA PPI claims take only 6 weeks you, so could get your money back very quickly and spend it as you wish perhaps a buy a nice car, a holiday or spend the home on improvements it is yours to do with as you please. If your claim is rejected our dedicated PPI rejected claims team will liaise with the regulator and work with them to try and get your claim upheld. Did we mention that our MBNA PPI claim success rate is 94%, with an excellent chance like that, can you really afford not to contact us.

It is your money let us help you claim it back the right way.

Contact us now and one of our MBNA PPI specialists will help you with your claim.

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